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Tips To Help You Choose A Good Beach Resort

There may be many things to consider while planning a perfect tropical vacation. Accommodation can be one of the major factors deciding the overall epicness of your trip.

So, we have listed down the three things that will matter most when it comes down to choosing the best beach resort in Goa to save you the trouble of expecting the unexpected. You’re traveling to unwind after all.

1. Cottages

Firstly, the homely vibe of a cottage stay is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on in 2021. That’s privacy along with premium hotel facilities to make your stay both comfortable and amazing.

Try sifting through #goabeachresort on Instagram to see recent testimonials and guest reviews to be sure. Most beach resorts will have a thematic decor and tropical interiors to help you get into the mood. If you’re lucky, you might as well find a video tour to explore the premises beforehand.

2. Pool

The best beach resorts in Goa have private pools and green surroundings, maybe even garden-facing cottages amidst lots of nature. You find one with one of those things and your vacay time is well spent, you can count on it!

You may want to visit Trip Advisor or Google reviews to find out about tariff, pool and cafe timings and events, if any.

3. Nature

Paddle away from civilization and enjoy the time off by yourself or with your loved ones. Introspect and meditate with the singing birds in the vicinity to feel the interconnectedness of all things in nature.

If you plan to go places other than the beach, Goa’s unexplored trails are something you might be interested in discovering. There are ample hiking options in North Goa. Choose a beach resort that may be able to guide you to book the best outdoor activities.

Besides the sun, sand and sea, if you can find a beach resort that works to help you find balance and destress a little, there's nothing like it. Safe travels!

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