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Fun Things To Do On Vacation By The Beach

Updated: Jan 8

What a year it has been! If you’re finally ready to travel long distances and find a lone spot at the beach with not as much crowd as before, this is the time to make a glorious appearance at one of the sun-kissed beaches of Goa.

But there’s more fun to be had than going out for a swim in the ocean. Find a list of other beach activities you can do to create lasting memories:

  1. Build Sandcastles.

Make the perfect fortress of your dreams by building sandcastles by the beach. Get your own digging equipment because if you arrive without it, you’ll just have to roll in the sand.

  1. Read Something.

Are you one of those people who always bring a book while traveling? Nothing beats reading your favourite book with the sound of waves crashing over the shore for background music.

  1. Go Hiking.

Goa has some rare hiking trails to explore. Khoj Aao Adventures organizes eco-tours like bird-watching expeditions to rare sunset hikes, overnight camping trips under the stars and more to spread awareness about responsible tourism.

  1. Go Dolphin Spotting.

Journey with a purpose. Enlighten yourself about ethical dolphin tours led by conservationist organizations like Terra Conscious. Their packages include a nice breakfast in the morning and useful information about these friendly creatures we call dolphins and their natural habitat.

  1. Go On a Picnic.

Have you ever found a spot so good that you went ahead and pinned it on the maps to return to it later? Pack some comfort food and drinks to spend the afternoon right up till sunset.

  1. Look Out for the Surf.

Get sporty. Find the surf and get on that board to experience the thrill of flowing with the current. Stand upright and surf or lie flat on the board!

  1. Light a Bonfire.

What completes a breezy full moon night out on a beach? A cosy fire in the sand.

  1. Scribble in the Sand.

Grab a twig and start scribbling in the sand! Create the most elaborate sand mandalas or leave cryptic messages for someone to see.

  1. Watch the Sunset.

This one’s a classic. Enjoy the spectacular sight of a gigantic ocean mealing on a sinking sun. Beautiful, eh?

  1. Have a Reverie.

Dream about the good things to come. Close your eyes and drift away with the candy clouds.

  1. Relax and Unwind.

A cosy seafront cottage perhaps to enjoy a fusion of homestay/hotel experience. Choose something with natural surroundings like one of the garden-facing cottages for a relaxing stay.

Whether you choose to stay at an oceanside cottage retreat or any other preferred accommodation, there are always so many things to do when you’re vacationing by the beach.

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